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My Free Time In One Photo
My Free Time In One Photo

It was a dark, gloomy night in 2012. 

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dark and gloomy: I needed a good start. Anyways, I was 14 when I decided to try a new game that was getting popular fast. I admit, it sounds incredibly lame, playing video games, but it’s a sin that I commit when I have the time. I loved playing games like the Winnie the Pooh Educative games, Worms, the JumpStart series, when I was a *wittwe* kid, and moved to playing Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, when I grew up… You get the idea. This new thing was a new genre to me, and, truth be told, it was a lot of fun. Challenging and with a variety of roles and characters to play, I loved it right away. Yeah, I know, most of you are “Why is he telling us this?” and “This guy is probably the lamest person that exists”: hey!, I’m trying to tell a story here, people! Bear with me.

So, I was playing the game and, being the curious guy that I am, I decided to google it, just for the hell of it. Amongst the sites, I found this place called “Surrender@20”. It was a paid¬†blog that this guy, Zack, held, with his girlfriend, and posted news about the game. I started a Disqus account, named after one of the champion’s abilities, Anivia’s Flash Frost, the stunning ball of ice of an ice bird that protects the rocky and cold Freljord mountains in the north of Runeterra.

Three years have passed since I was “Anivia’s Flash Frost” in the Surr@20 forums, and in these three years, I’ve been integrated into the community (I commented an awful lot: I have a total of 7500 comments to this date) and I’ve gotten to know one of the coolest people on Earth. You know, I don’t believe that you can find love over the Internet. How can you express your feelings without being able to look someone in the eye and say “I love/hate you.”? I couldn’t imagine that. But the people I got to meet (and because of which I had to make a Twitter account, sigh) are one of the most lighthearted and amazing fellows I’ve met in my life. I thought about this the other day: how do you actually develop feelings for people you can’t see? Well, maybe the fact that we never really got to communicate was what made us such good (or at least, as good as can be in this situation) friends.

Feelings are strange. Love, despair, sadness, euphoria, depression. Disdain and absolute bliss. Feelings are awesome and are the most humane thing that exists in this world. Yet, there is no way to transmit these feelings through the new technology. And maybe, just maybe, this exactly is the thing that made the whole Surr@20 relationship exist. I was on Twitter the other night and I was talking to the folks from the site exactly about this: how is it possible for us to be such good friends? And then, one of them explained it to me, and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. Every single one of us, whether we’re tired, depressed, mad, happy or just “meh”, was on Twitter every night, talking to the rest. And we forgot about our joys. Our problems. Our worries and fears. We forgot about the bad days at school, about the long-gone boy-/girlfriends, about our family’s problems. We didn’t worry about our (so-called) social status, about our crushes, and the fact that we can barely talk in front of a crowd of more than three people. We were just being ourselves. And, I guess, that’s what’s important to most people: for us to just be ourselves. And, eventually, it’ll work out. I dare you, reader, to try doing that, too: be yourself for a day. And live that day like a king.

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