Motivation 101

24…25…26… Oh, hey there! Let me just… 149… 150! Phew! That’s enough for today, for sure, don’t want to get too buff and make people sad now, do I? I was just doing some push ups, you know, a bit of exercise is always a healthy thing to do. When did I start, you’re asking? Yesterday. Well, yesterday I did only the half of what I did today (70, of course), but today was my first real day of training. That is, if we don’t count last Friday’s 200 sit ups… It’s almost noticeable already, isn’t it? Right… Oh, who am I kidding? I did nothing today. I’m too tired, I don’t feel like it right now, I need to do my homework first, but then comes dinner, an after that there’s that boring test I have to study for… I guess I’m not that much out of shape. You know what? Starting tomorrow, I’m a new person. A healthy person that does exercise and sports and eats properly. I will do it! I feel the motivation in my veins! Here’s to The Frostball 2.0! (Eats entire chocolate cake to celebrate.)

Sounds familiar?

You can probably guess what happens on the next day. The “tomorrow” that so many people dream of, that half of the ordinary people of the world talk about, remains tomorrow forevermore. Imagine if we put today’s and tomorrow’s plans on a scale to compare them: if you ask me, the scale would break under the weight of what we’re going to do the next day and what we plan to do in the future. And, you know the meme: “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!”. It really is incredible how little motivation some of us have for stuff in our lives. I rarely can just decide to start doing something one day and keep on doing it for more than a week afterwards – especially if it’s something I perceive as boring or useless (and you’d be surprised by how many activities there are, in my opinion, in that category). This blog is one of the few things there are that I don’t feel obligated to do, that I just want to do and that I have fun doing, along with my drama classes and maybe some school projects. So, how do I get myself to do stuff?

I have tried everything. I’ve tried playing “mind games” on myself, by “tricking” myself into doing stuff. That is probably the stupidest of the things I’ve tried: true, it works for some time, until it turns out that I’m smarter than I thought I was (I don’t really get it either) and I just laugh at my feeble attempts to persuade myself to exercise, for example. Making a schedule doesn’t help me at all, either, nor does setting up alarms, putting sticky notes all over my desk or rewarding myself with stuff after I manage to do something (You did 20 sit-ups? EAT A PACK OF GUMMY BEARS TO CELEBRATE.). So, how do I motivate myself?

See, I really didn’t understand how I managed to do it in the first place either. But I just got up one day and told myself: “It’d be awesome if you finally started that blog you wanted to, today”. And I just got onto the computer and started writing. Word after word, sentence after sentence, I made my first post. And I thought about what I’d did. I had just written stuff that I thought for people to read. And people actually read it, and some of them even took a bit of advice from the post. They thought of what I’d said and they’d changed something in their own life, all because of… me. My stomach stirred when I saw how many people had actually given up some time from their lives to read something that I had written. The feeling was incredible. And on the next day, while I was traveling, it hit me: that’s how I can motivate myself. That’s how I’ve done it before – drama wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t get to show our work to the audience, and hear it laugh and cry and applaud. When I work out, I always think of how my muscles are going to ache because I’ve actually used them, and how I’m getting stronger, thus more confident, more powerful as a person, too. Even studying for the most boring Literature class can feel fulfilling if you know that you’re going to get a good note and some recognition. Some of you might be thinking that I strive for attention, and you’re probably a bit right – although who of us doesn’t, to some extent? But, to be honest, I don’t even see that side, the side of “Oh look at me, I’m so good, bow down to me, peasants”. It’s all about the fuzzy feeling of accomplishment that does it for me. Imagine it the first time, remember it the second, live it the third and eventually it’ll become a part of your life – one of the many parts that make this life worth living.


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